Dry in summer! “Bigu” the luxurious Okinawa Igusa



Japanese Tatami has been made plant named
from old days.

The main production area of “Igusa” is the south-west of Japan in which Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu district have 80 to 90 % share in Japan and said to be the best quality.

However, there are other production area. The one that gaining attention is Okinawa.
Igusa made in Okinawa is called “Bigu” and said to have history over 150 years.

Igusa has countless air-holes on its surface so it passes air and even in Japanese humid summer, it stays dry on the surface of Tatami.

Bigu, Okinawa-made Igusa, is 2 times thicker than normal Igusa so it can pass even more air.
Also it’s very tough so it can be used for a long time as Tatami, carpet or pillow.

Moreover, it’s grown free of pesticide so it’s safe for those who have allergy, sensitive skin or to baby and smal children.

Tatami of Bigu, Okinawa-made Igusa, is gaining attention from all over Japan as a luxurious Tatami.

Though we don’t have Bigu Tatami in tatamiroom, we have the latest Tatami with Japanese paper.
This is also dry and cool like Bigu Tatami, won’t have mites and lasts long.