“Shiri-zumo” the holy ritual on Tatami



Sumo is Japanese national sports whose battle takes place on “Dohyo”, hardened ground.
Sumo might seem like sport, martial art or entertainment, but it has traditional aspect of “holy ritual”.

Therefore, there are a number of “dedication Sumo” in shrine all over Japan.

There is a
“dedicated Shiri-zumo”
in Okayama.
This is little different from well-known Sumo.

On half-size Tatami set inside shrine, 2 people sit with one’s back with other’s back and push each other with hip.
The one who was pushed off fromTatami will loose. It was held in May this year.

There were 100 people from children to adult fighting on a small Tatami.
Tatami is not only flooring in the house but also used for holy ritual.

It represents haw Tatami was cherished by Japanese people from old days.