Very popular in Tokyo! What’s “Tatami-buchi”, the traditional carpet?



It’s been long since it is said that
“there are less and less occasion to see Tatami in daily life in Japan”.

Manufacturers including traditional Tatami industry are developing various small objects and interior objects.
Bag, sandal, mouse pad and vase pad with Tatami-omote …

Recently, bag and small objects using
the traditional carpet of Kojima district in Kurashiki, Okayama, has become popular in Tokyo.

“Tatami-buchi” is the cloth attached to the long side of Tatami.
It was strictly prescribed according to the status but now we can’t choose whatever we like, There are more than 1000 sorts from traditional Japanese pattern to modern design.

More and more people are using this “Tatami-buchi as craft material.
Bag, coin case, card case, coaster etc….

If you come to Japan, please look for the small object using “Tatami-buchi.