Profession of “Tatami doctor”



Most of Japanese culture and lifestyle including architecture are influenced by China and Korea.
It comes from the inter-relationship which goes back to more than 1000 years ago.

However, Tatami is said to be unique to Japan.
So it can be said that Tatami manufacturer or professional are unique to Japan, too.

These days, there are people who have the title of
“Tatami Doctor”.
This is the title given only to those “Tatami professionals” among Tatami craftsmen all over Japan who have excellent ability of diagnostic and advise of Tatami maintenance and of selection of good Tatami.

When used for a long time, Tatami might change its color or have damage by insects or humidity.
So sometimes, it is necessary to do “Tatami-gae” in about every 10 years.

“Tatami Doctor” is the person with professional knowledge of Tatami visiting people’s houses to give diagnostic and advice.
It’s a Japanese unique profession born form Japanese lifestyle based on Tatami.