Enjoy storyteller’s performance on Tatami seat “Shinjuku Suehirotei” with history and chic



The place to watch Rakugo and Manzai is called
in Japan.

“Shinjyuku Suehirotei”
in Shinjuku, Tokyo is famous as the only wooden structured Yose in Tokyo.
The performer of Suehirotei changes every 10 days and there is scarcely no closed day.

Once you pay entrance fee, you can enjoy Yose as long as you want from day part to night part.
Inside is basically free places and there is a Tatami seat on the both sides of the stage.

Take off the shoes and relax. Watching Yose on Tatami while relaxing should be a special one.

Also, there is a Tatami seat on the second floor.
You can change seat so you vary your experience like from the ground floor in the day part and second floor in the night part.

You can eat and drink except for alcohol and you can also purchase original goods such as towel and folding fan.

Suehirotei with history and chic.
Enjoy Yose on its Tatami seat.
It’s a zestful Japanese sightseeing. How do you like it?