Gentle to feet and comfortable “Tatami sandal”



Everybody wears shoes when going outside.
There are countries where people keep there shoes even in their houses.
In Japan, we basically take off the shoes at the entrance.

At the beginning of the summer, as soon as we came home, we want to be naked feet and at that time, soft and fresh touch of Tatami makes us even more relaxed.
Tatami is gentle to feet and comfortable to naked feet.

Tatami sandal is something that uses this characteristic of Tatami.
It absorbs humidity so very comfortable.

Also the “TATAMI” of worldly-famous German shoe maker “BIRKENSTOCK”.
“TATAMI” is the
“evolved sandal”
that reproduces the sensation of Tatami comfortable to feet which CEO of BIRKENSTOCK experienced in Japan

Inside the house or outside… if you wear something, the comfortable one is the best.
Would you like to try “Tatami sandal”?