Importance of bringing Tatami’s merit to daily life



Japanese people have been living along with Tatami for a long time.

It is very comfortable to lie on Tatami, stretch arm and feet and relax.
Also, the scent of Igusa used on Tatami cover is one of the reason to make us relaxed.

Igusa is a plant that grows in swamp or shallow water.
Generally, it is planted in August in the paddle field.

It starts growing in the spring after the harsh winter, and grows more during the rainy season.
It will be harvested in July.
Now is the season.

It is the seasonal word of summer since it’s harvested in summer. Blue Igusa field is fresh to the eyes too.
And Igusa is said to absorb CO2 which causes global warming.

Recently, there are

“Japanese paper Tatami”

that is more tough and clean than Igusa Tatami.
In hot summer day, it’s very comfortable to lie on cool Tatami.

Though there are more and more houses without Japanese room, there are voices insisting the importance of having Tatami in everyday life.