Overwhelming Japanese space The Grate hall of 320 Tatami in “Saga Castle”



Saga is situated in the north of Kyushu in Japan.
There are a lot of sightseeing spots such as places related to ceramic like
Arita-Yaki and Karatsu-Yaki
“Yoshinogari ruin”
which is highly valued as ruin of Yayoi period.

One of its attraction is Saga Castle.

Though the most of the Saga Castle was burned down by the battle of Saga in Meiji period, the central keep palace was rebuilt and is open to public as Saga Castle Central Keep History Museum.

It was the first central keep palace to be rebuilt in Japan and
it is the largest scale as wooden rebuilt building.

Inside, there is a Tatami hallway that continues 45m.
Please look at the garden from the Tatami or the Engawa and
once you are relaxed, please visit
“the great hall”
which is 320 Tatami and said to gather 1000 vassals.

You can experience overwhelming Japanese space with fresh Tatami.

At the entrance of the museum, there is a canon used in Boshin war and
it’s interesting to compare it with the Tatami great hall.