Bus terminal with Tatami space



Japanese people have lived on Tatami taking meal, welcoming guest, spending time with family and reading and studying on it for more than 1000 years.
Even today, it’s found out that many people
“feel more relaxed on Tatami”.

Japanese people love Tatami space.
In their house, hotel, bathroom, toilet floor and in office….there are various Tatami space in Japan.

Recently, there is a new bus terminal with Tatami space.
It’s in Inawara, Ibaraki not so far from Tokyo.
It’s in Edosaki terminal where a number of bus passes.

They put Tatami space in waiting room.
It was made with wish like

“want people to feel relaxed like in their house even in the town”


“want to make space where people can interact regardless of age from children to elderly”.

Bus terminal with Tatami space should be unique to Japan.
If you come to Japan, please visit Edosaki terminal in Inawara, Ibaraki.
You can see people relaxing on Tatami on their way and also you can spend a relaxed time.