Tatami highly valued in China



It is said that only Japanese use “Tatami” as flooring.
Tatami is a culture unique to Japan.

Japan has been affected by China and Korea for more than 1000 years in cultures such as architecture, art and daily life style.
But Tatami is unique to Japan.

However, Tatami is receiving high evaluation in China recently.
It’s so popular that there is a article saying
“why Japanese use Tatami?”

Chinese people seem to evaluate characteristics of Tatami such as

“comfortable in summer”
“gentle flooring to all baby to elderly”
“fresh smell of Igusa”
“sound insulating properties since it’s thick”
“sharpens interior by laying to all room”
“ecological and healthy since it’s made with natural material”.

Tatami that Japanese people have cherished for a long time is now evaluated in the world and it makes us proud as Japanese.