Attractive Tatami in various places “Seaside house” with Tatami space



In Japanese beach, there are a number of houses called
“Seaside house”
in summer season.
It offers customers a place to change, to take shower and also offers food and drinks.
There seems to be the same type of places in Italy and Spain so you might already know.

In Japanese Seaside house, since everybody sits with wet body, generally thin Goza carpet is used to sit on.
But the seaside house
“Kappa Paradise”
in Suma beach in Kobe ordered Tatami to the local Tatami manufacturer, Maeda Tatami Manufacturer, since they wanted customers to relax.

Original Tatami with waterproof property, elasticity, lightness etc. was made. This was called
“Seaside house Tatami Project”.

It’s very popular since you can enjoy the view of ocean while relaxing on Tatami.
Recently, there are Tatami using Japanese paper which is stronger and clean.

We are in time where we can enjoy Tatami in various situations.