“Shoin” with Tatami “Shuri Castle” the symbol of Ryukyu kingdom



Okinawa is situated in the south end of Japan.
It used to be
“Ryukyu kingdom”
and after the second world war, it was occupied by the U.S. until 1972.

With its historical and political background, Okinawa has unique culture different from other parts of Japanese called “interior”.

Shuri Castle, the “symbol” of Ryukyu kingdom is, different from other Japanese Castle, largely affected by China.
Famous “Shureimon”, number of stone walls and castle gates.
“Shoden”with dragon is a unique architectural style and there is no other match in Japan.

However, in “Shoin” where the King conducted daily work, atmosphere is completely different and there is a spacious Tatami room.

Also in “Oku-shoin” where the King took rest, there are Japanese room and Tea room with Tatami showing that Shuri Castle is the mix of Chinese and Japanese architectural culture.

Relax in Japanese room inside the Shuri Castle like China.
Please sit on Tatami, enjoy watching the garden and think about the history of Okinawa.