Lord’s room with Tatami Okayama Castle and spacious garden “Korakuen”



Okayama Castle was built in 1597 by Hideie Ukita, the vassal of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
It was also called
by its black outlook and there is large
on the north side as a relaxing garden.

“Enyoutei” in Korakuen was used as lord’s living room.
It is said that Korakuen is most beautiful when seen from the Tatami of Enyoutei.

Though it is not open to public usually, there is some special open period and you can visit the Tatami room and Tea room.

Central keep of Okayama Castle has 1 underground floor and 6 floors.
There is a reconstruction of “Lord’s room” in Shoin style with Tatami on the second floor.
You can put costume of lord and princess feeling like you are in Edo period!

Also, there are many attractions in each floor such as Sengoku period in video, introduction of architectural characteristics and episodes, scenery over all city.

Please visit once when Enyoutei is open.