Tatami with Japanese paper is recently gaining attention



Japanese traditional flooring “Tatami” is made from plant called “Igusa” for a long time.
Woven Igusa covers the surface and realizes fresh green smell.

However, there are disadvantages of Igusa such as easy to get damaged by time, to get fungus or pests and difficult to maintain.

Recently, Tatami using “Japanese paper” on its surface is gaining attention.
Though there is no fresh green smell like Igusa, there are a number of advantages.

Japanese paper has been used for Fusuma and Shoji.
It controls humidity so it’s functional.
“Japanese paper” is a sort of paper so it’s easy to get damaged.

Therefore, before putting onto Tatami surface, it will be coated with resin coating.
This will protect it from damage and even if you spill something, you can just wipe to clean.

Recently, there are more and more people using Japanese paper Tatami in their living room.
Also, since it has high tolerance and is stain-free, it’s appreciated in children facility such as kindergarten.

If you are planning to put Tatami in your room, we recommend Tatami with Japanese paper.