Japanese surf shop with Tatami space



Summer is the season of marine sports like beach and surfing.
Many beaches in Japan will be crowded with family, young people and couples.

Also, there are people whose hobbies are surfing and boat.

“Daito beach”
in Isumi, Chiba, about an hour from tokyo is said to be the area with a lot of surfing lovers.

There are many surfing shops in Daito beach.
There offer classes, restaurant and resting spaces……

Among them, there is a surf shop with Tatami space that gains attention recently.

There is a Tatami space on the back of the shop where you can relax.
Of course it’s a rest place for surfers.
They can rest when wave condition is not good or when sunshine is too strong….

Tatami is where Japanese people can relax both body and soul.
It’s always there in our lives where we sleep, eat or do any other things.

Therefore, Tatami resting space makes “our soul relaxed” so it makes us happy.

It seems that there are customers who rest for hours on Tatami.