Using Tatami in children’s room improves children’s note!?



In Japanese houses, Tatami was used in everywhere.
Living room, dining room, guest room, bedroom, children’s room…..

Though there are less Tatami room in our generation, there are a lot of people who have
“Tatami space in their room”.

What is interesting is the
“children’s room with Tatami”.

According to the survey done by Japanese university, there is a tendency that

“children who grow up in Tatami room have better note”.

The secret is in Igusa.
Fresh green smell has relaxing effect.
Also in summer it’s cool and even in wet Japanese summer, it controls humidity and rests comfortable.
Also it absorbs sound and realizes quiet room.

With these reasons, children who study in Tatami room have more concentration and had higher correct response rate.

Would you like to use Tatami for the place to study?