How about “Tatami Unit” to have more storage?



Tatami is the material that Japanese people have used for a long time.

Traditional Tatami is about the size where one person can lie down.
We put this Tatami in the room and use it as flooring carpet.

However, as time goes by, the life style in Japanese general family have changed.
These days
“having more storage” is more important.

Therefore, one thing that is gaining attention is
“Tatami Unit”
which is a Tatami on large box.

The size is exactly the same as traditional Tatami but there is a wood box under it and you can put many things in this box.

By putting several of this in the room, you can create Tatami space and have large under-floor storage at the same time.

Also, as something close to “Tatami Unit”, there is “Tatami Bed”.
As its name, it’s a bed with Tatami material as its mattress and below is storage.

“Tatami Unit” and “Tatami Bed” combine the advantage of “life having Tatami” and Europeanized life style and realize pragmatism.

It can be said that Japanese Tatami product are changing as time goes by.