Japanese room in central keep “Uwajima Castle” with Tatami remains



Uwajima Castle was renovated in 1601 by Takatora Toudou who was called
“professional of castle building”.
The specialty is the design that realizes
“looks square from the ground and hexagon from the sky”.

Making dead corner makes attack advantageous and secures escape route so his castle building was highly evaluated.

What remains today as Uwajima Castle was renovated more the 60 years later by Munetoshi Date.
On the last floor of central keep, there is a small Tatami Tokonoma. Also the fact that the ground floor and the first floor is remaining is very rare.
It is said that remaining central keep is only Uwajima Castle.

Central keep used to be Tatami.
Reestablishment of Tatami is only on Tokonoma, but Shoji, high Shikii tells us the remains of the old Tatami flooring.

Uwajima Castle was said to be highly decorative and dwelling ability like Tatami and shoji was emphasized.
It would be interesting to imagine
“Japanese room in central keep”.