“Machiya Stay” Experience to live in Machiya, the zestful Japanese room



Tsuwano has flourished as Castle town under Tsuwano Castle.
In Tsuwano, there are buildings built in Edo period, Meiji period, Taisho period and at the end of Edo period.

There are people who are trying to descend the precious view of the Tsuwano Town.

However, as the society becomes older, there are more and more empty houses.
As a countermeasure, the service using empty house as hotel, which is called
“Machiya Stay”, started.

When you go into the entrance and open the door, there is a Japanese room to relax.
Though the living room is arranged in European style, it is very attractive to relax in Japanese room.

In spacious Tatami room, there is a Tokonoma and the view of inner garden seen from Tatami washes your heart.
Hinoki Buro with scent and freshness will wash your all fatigue.
Futon laid on Tatami represents their welcome so that the guest can comfortably spend time even in harsh winter of Tsuwano.

“Machiya Stay”, please enjoy while feeling the time of construction.