Pray on Tatami Tsuwano Catholic church



Did you know that there is a
“church with Tatami flooring?”

Tsuwano is situated between mountains in west-south part of Shimane prefecture and
has been flourished and called small-Kyoto.

Tsuwano Castle looks down the town from the mountain of 370m altitude.
There remains only stone wall but the ruin of castle and
the view from there is said to be glorious.

Tsuwano is also famous as the origin of the writer, Ougai Mori, and
traditional performance such as “Iwami Kagura”.

“Tsuwano Catholic church” is one of the best sightseeing spot.
It’s a stone-built church which was built to commemorate the “hidden Christian”
who were sent from Nagasaki and tortured to death.
Inside the shrine is Tatami flooring.

The fantastical view of the light passing through the stained glass lighting Tatami is worth seeing.
Church where you can pray on Tatami is very very rare.

Would you like to pray on Tatami for those who protected their religion among the mixed atmosphere of east and west?