Japanese hotel who has the highest formality of Tatami



In Japan, Tatami existed more than 1000 years within our daily lives.
However, at first, it was only for people of higher rank.
It was mainly for nobles and Samurai.

Especially, in the highly ranked Samurai’s residence, not only room and hallways but also restroom and bathroom were gorgeously Tatami floored.

Tatami used to be the luxury and the index to showing higher rank.
In today’s Japanese housing, we can’t see Tatami in restroom or bathroom but there are Japanese hotel who offers such special room.

The hot spring town of Izu in Shizuoka is about 2 to 3 hour drive from Tokyo.
There is a Japanese hotel called
“Tatami Hotel Yunohana-tei”.

Here, not to mention room and hallways but also restroom, bathroom and even in bathtub are Tatami floored.
It’s very popular among tourist as the hotel of the highest formality of Tatami.
There are 4,322 Tatamis in total.

You can experience the luxurious moment feeling the way ancient Japanese noble did.