Restroom with Tatami



Tatami is everywhere in Japanese daily life and is very familiar to Japanese people.
However, it used to be a luxurious product which was only used by highly ranked people.
The higher the rank, the more Tatami laid in the house.

In the highly ranked Samurai’s residence, not only room and hallways but also restroom
and bathroom were gorgeously Tatami floored.

“Aizu Buke Yashiki”
in Fukushima prefecture, you can still see this
“restroom with Tatami”.

It’s in Aizu-Wakamatsu, 3 and a half hour drive from Tokyo.
The palace of highly ranked Samurai still remains and now has become popular sightseeing spot.

In the restroom, there are 3 Tatami laid and toilet set on it.
3 jo is little small compared to the living room but it still has the half size of current general living room.
It can be said that it’s very luxurious to have 3 Tatami in restroom.

Moreover, in this “Aizu Buke Yashiki”, you can see what kind of life highly ranked Samurai spent.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, please go see the luxurious Tatami room.