“Goodness of Tatami” on music Tatami Band “Japan Tatami Musical Instrument factory”



“Nishiwaki Tatami-carpet” in Kyoto is an old Tatami shop with 147 years of history.
Kazuhiro Nishiwaki, the 5th generation of this shop says

“I want to keep Japanese way and Japanese culture through Tatami.”
“I want people all over the world to feel the culture of Tatami unique to Japan.”

His passion won’t stay within Japan but goes oversea as well.

A music band was created from his passion.
It’s called
“Japan Tatami Musical Instrument factory”.

Music can give dream, hope and happiness to people.
“Japan Tatami Musical Instrument factory” participates to various events to achieve
its goal to play music with many people on Tatami.

All musical instruments were made by Nishiwaki.
With its unique feature, there are people who come to see Guitar and tambourine made with Tatami!

The goal is to let the world know the goodness of Tatami through enjoying
“look, hear and feel”.
The ultimate goal is to
“lay Tatami all over the world!”