Travel starts from Japanese room Cruise Train “Shikishima” scheduled to run next year



Hinoki bathtub, Tatami, Horigotatsu and Japanese paper on the wall.

“TRAIN SUITE Shikishima”
which is like a 5 star hotel is scheduled to run on May 1st , 2017.

It was design under the theme of
“the beauty, tradition and culture of Japan”.

Interior decoration of the train is also filled with
“Japanese” attire.
It changes the route by season so that travelers can enjoy
seasonal scenery and culture.

It was very difficult to realize “Japanese” guest room on train with
Tatami and Japanese room.

For safety, Japanese wall paper was coated so that it won’t burn easily and chimney
using steam is set in addition to heating facility.

Relax on Tatami while watching seasonal scenery from the window.
It’s the highest luxury to have trip while being in Japanese room.