Oenothera tetraptera that goes well with Fuji Dazai’s litterature that goes well with Japanese room



Mount Fuji is famous as the highest mountain in Japan with its height of 3776m.
This year again, the mountain opened in July and the route to the cap is now open.

The best season for climbing is said to be later July to early September.

Osamu Dazai, Japanese representative novelist of Showa period, stayed at Japanese hotel
“Tenka Chaya”
in Misaka-Toge for 3 months from September in 1939 where you can see Fuji.

He should have laid down on Tatami and watched Fuji. The famous novel
“Fugakuhyakkei”, famous with the phrase
“Oenothera tetraptera goes well with Fuji ” was born from his stay in here.

“Tenka Chaya” still exists and there is a
“Osamu Dazai memorial room”
on the 2nd floor which is the reproduction of his room.

His desk and brazier are on Tatami and also his novel or first editions are displayed.

In a small Japanese room, we imagine the life of Dazai and watch Fuji as he did.
Oenothera tetraptera goes well with Fuji and Japanese room goes well with Dazai and his novels.