Enjoy Japanese room and scenery “Castle in the sky” Takeda Castle



Asago-shi in Hyogo.
Do you know that there is a mountain castle called
“Castle in the sky”?

The ruin of “Takeda Castle” looks like floating in the clouds with the fog in the early morning from autumn to winter and became must-see sightseeing spot.

Close to this Takeda Castle, there is a
“Takeda Castle Town Hotel EN”
who uses building more than 100 years old in its original condition as much as possible.

Japanese room with Tatami is a healing space.
The annex room is using old Japanese house and you can stay with your dog which is rare in Japan.
It uses anti-slip flooring and waterproof Tatami which are gentle to dogs.

In EN, you can enjoy not only hotel but also restaurant, information center and workshop.
Enjoy rich nature and dreamy scenery and then rest your tired foot on Tatami relaxing in Japanese room.

Travel in Takeda with Castle in the sky, old Japanese house, Tatami and Japanese room.
Would you like to experience it freely and slowly?