Japanese room with “beautiful” Fusuma and Tatami Nagoya Castle, Central keep palace



Nobunaga Oda, the representative of military commander of Sengoku period.
Nagoya Castle is said to be the place where he was born and was rebuilt by
Ieyasu Tokugawa later.

It was burned by air attack but in 1959, Castle tower was rebuilt.
Reproduction construction of Central keep palace started in 2009 and
scheduled to complete in 2018.

Central keep palace with golden wall and Byobu is open to public from
where the reproduction is done.
2 Japanese room of 18 jo and 28 jo are called
Must-see is the Fusuma with reproduction of colors of 400 years age.

“Omote-shoin” is a spacious Tatami space consisting from 5 rooms.
Here again, Tatami and vivid Fusuma is a must-see.
We can see how gorgeous it is by the fact that It uses Kiso Hinoki cypress
which cost 3,000,000 JPY/wood for its post.

“Sannoma” is the only room we can enter and it has 39 jo.

You can enjoy the beauty of the room on Tatami.

Nagoya Castle, the famous castle of Tokai.
The completion of reproduction and the opening of Central keep palace is been awaited.