Tatami booth in “Tourism Exposition” in Taiwan



Recently, there are more and more foreigners visiting Japan.
There are many aspects such as history, culture, fashion, manga, animation, food, technology etc.

That attracts foreigners but “Tatami” can be said to be the one of them.

Tatami is unique to Japan.
Recently, large Ryokan or Capsule hotel for foreigners have been built within or around Tokyo.
And there are facilities with “Tatami-jiki” that give Japanese taste.

In July in Taipei in Taiwan, there was an event called
“Touch the Japan”
which was an expo to feel and touch Japanese tourism culture.
There also was Tatami space.

It was in the booth introducing manga
whose theme is Japanese competition Karuta and people could experience competition Karuta on Tatami.

Tatami has now become a unique thing that can offer “Japanese experience” to foreigners.