“Upper room” with Tatami Inuyama Castle and “Tea room Joan”



Inuyama Castle was built in 1537 by Nobuyasu Oda, the uncle of Nobunaga Oda.
During the Sengoku era, it accommodated various military commander and
served as battle base and is selected to national treasure
as the oldest remaining wooden Central Keep in Japan.

Though the 4 rooms in the 1st floor of central keep is wooden floored, only the
“upper room” has Tatami floor.
It’s the privilege allowed only to the master of the castle.
How did they passed their time on Tatami.

In town of Inuyama which developed as the castle town of Inuyama Castle,
there is another national treasure.
It’s the
“tea room Joan”
in the garden “Urakuen”.

It’s an open tea room built by Urakusai Oda, the younger brother of Nobunaga Oda.
Unlike many military commanders at that time, he didn’t like battle but liked Tea.
He was famous for having died on Tatami.

Tatami, the view of garden from Engawa, and the tea in Japanese room
will all make your heart relaxed in Inuyama Castle.
It’s the genuine allure of Japan.