Very popular these days! “Oki-datami” that fits perfectly to European housing



In old Japanese housing every room was Tatami floored.
Often living room, guest room and children room were all Tatami.

In the season of clean-up at the end of the year, people took out Tatami, lay under sunlight and removed dust.
And when Tatami gets older, it was a familiar scene to see Tatami craftsman visit each house and change Tatami surface.

However, with the change of time, Japanese housing have completely changed.
We take in lot of European way of living and the floor became mainly wood-flooring or carpet rather than Tatami.

However, there are a lot of Japanese people who wish to
“have soft touch of Tatami in house”
“have Tatami space where you can lay on the floor and relax”.

“Europeanization of housing” and “desire to Tatami”
…. As a solution to satisfy these two needs
is gaining attention in Japan these days.

Just by placing several Tatami sheets of about 80cm wide/long, you can easily have a Tatami space in European style room.

You can create Japanese space with such an ease as to lay a rug.
There is even a showroom that features this “Oki-Datami”.

Traditional Tatami uses “Igusa”on its surface but it’s get worn out easily by time and also gets easily fungus and mite so it’s requires maintenance.

So recent “Oki-Datami” uses coated Japanese paper in place of Igusa so that it’s easy to clean and has resistance to stain and to use.

“Oki-Dadami” can easily realized in European housing.
Would you like to try having Japanese space in your house?