Tatami as a preparation for large scale emergency situation



Japanese people have long familiarized with Tatami in their daily lives.
Tatami was always there in the space to eat, relax and sleep etc.

With only one Tatami, one person can sleep and live on it.
It has proper elasticity and is soft to feet.
Fresh smell of Igusa makes us relaxed.

Therefore, Tatami is also gaining attention as something useful in emergency shelter.

Recently, there is a project called
“a promise of 5,000 in 5 days”
which is to deliver new Tatami to shelter for free when there is a large scale emergency situation.

This project was started by Tatami manufacturer who had the experience of large earthquake.
Currently in June 2016, there are 464 cooperation bases all over Japan and when there is a emergency in any community participating to this project, the nearest Tatami shop will deliver new Tatami to shelter for free.

For those who were forced to evacuate by sudden large scale emergency, irregular life is a stressful thing.

With just a Tatami, people can get little more relaxed and comfortable so it’s contributing to the improvement of the shelter life.