Tatami Product that can be used in European style housing



Japanese people have long familiarize with Tatami through their daily lives and used it in various scenes.
However as time goes by, their life style became Europeanized and the usage rate of Tatami decreased.

This means that there are less Tatami shops and less Igusa farmers.
However, life with Tatami and related industry are the Japanese unique traditional culture.

In order to find a new way of making use of Tatami and have people realize the allure of Tatami,
manufacturers are developing Tatami products that can fits European style housing.

“Igusa Role”
developed by Tatami shop in Tohoku region is one of these examples.

While growing Igusa for Tatami material, short Igusa are cut down.
Traditionally, cut short Igusa was disposed as unuseful
but they came up with this idea to make use of it in to a product.

They gathered short Igusa together and made it into thick long cushion.
It’s little different from Tatami but you can still enjoy the allure of Igusa
and it can be used in Japanese room or European room.
Also it’s a effective use of material so contributes to environmental problem.
Also, there are
who can be used in European style housing.

Just by laying Tatami sheets of about 80cm, you can create Japanese space in your house.