Passing the atmosphere of Edo to today Matsue History Museum with spacious Tatami



“Matue Castle”
in Matsue, Shimae, is designated to National Treasure as the only one
“remaining castle tower”
in Sanin region.

Matsue Castle is also famous for its cherry blossom and the Matsue castle town have flourished under this castle.

On the street called
you can see old Samurai residences remaining in their original figure of Edo period.

Zestful atmosphere makes you feel like you are in Edo period.

“Matsue History Museum”
is worth visiting too.
When you enter, you’ll see a beautiful Tatami space.
It’s a rare
“Tatami lobby”
and it has 144 Tatamis!

“Large living room”
has 30 Tatamis and you can look over Matsue Castle and Japanese garden.
You can enjoy sophisticated Japanese sweets and Maccha while relaxing your tired feet on Tatami.
There are also Tea room with about 400 years of history and reproduction of
the housing of Edo period,

You can feel the atmosphere of Matsue in Edo period.
Matsue Castle and Matsue castle town.
It’s a place where you want to walk around without the notion of time.