Transmit the allure of Tatami to the world Evolving Tatami and “the day of Tatami”



Tatami has a long history even up to
It has been cherished as Japanese unique flooring even though its structure and way of use have changed from time to time.

It was originally only for those of high rank, then it became widespread to people during mid Edo period.
In Japan, where people lived with Tatami, there is 2
“day of Tatami”
in spring and in autumn.

Spring Tatami day is April 29th which is the
“anniversary of spring”
when Igusa, the material of Tatami, grows coloring all field into green.
Autumn Tatami day is 24th September and it was picked for the day when people clean up Tatami and lay under sunlight just before changing their clothes to winter.

Relaxing Japanese room, fresh smell of Igusa.
The comfort of lying directly on Tatami is so special.

Recently, Tatami is evolving a lot and now there is a Tatami using Japanese paper on its surface which is stronger and easier to clean.

Tatami, the traditional culture of Japan.
We wish people all over the world could experience the relaxation of Tatami.