“Old Samurai Residences” which have a taste of Japanese-style room and strengths of Samurai warriors



“Old samurai residences”
are houses of samurai warriors at a time in the past.
Trying to keep remains of old houses and historical townscapes, the local governments have bought the remains and done some restoration and maintenance works.

There are many old samurai residences open to the public in Japan.

“Bichu Matsuyama Castle”
is notable as the castle with the highest elevation above sea level in Japan at 430 meters.
The city of Takahashi, Okayama prefecture, Japan was prospered from old times as the castle town of “Bichu Matsuyama Castle”.

Designated as the national preservation area of the historical townscapes, Ishibiya-cho Furusato-mura, which is surrounded by mud walls and stone walls, have two old samurai residences open to the public.

Entering the entrance of the residence, there are racks for keeping spears installed on the ceiling.
It shows a proof of samurai warrior’s mind that they were always thinking about battles.

A doll of servant welcomes you by giving a bow on tatami mats and it portrays what their life was back then.

Tokonoma (※1), Kakejiku (※2), Tatami mat floored living room inside.
The view of Japanese garden from Japanese style room is large and extraordinary.

From the entrance of the old samurai residence, there is an amazing view of Mount Gagyu and Bichu Matsuyama Castle on the top of the mountain.

In addition to the taste of Japanese-style room with tatami mat floors, you can feel the taste and atmosphere of the strengths of samurai warriors.

※1 Tokonoma, a Japanese-style alcove, is a recess built into the wall of a Japanese-style room.

※2 Kakejiku is a hanging scroll.