Tatami mats are the new trend in China



Tatami mats are unique and used for traditional Japanese style rooms in Japan.
Tatami mats have over a thousand years of history with Japanese life styles.

Many of Japanese cultures were influenced by the cultures of China and Korea from old times.

However, It is said that tatami mats were used only in Japan and not used in the old time China and Korea.
The interesting thing is that tatami mats are recently the new trend and very popular in China.

At housing exhibits in China, you can see that there are many tatami floored rooms showing there.
Lately, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan is increasing and the number of Chinese students who was studying and living in Japan is increasing as well.

Those Chinese people who had experienced the unforgettable comforts of tatami mats in Japan are having a desire of tatami mats in their homes in China and the number of people is increasing.

In Japan, demands of tatami mats are decreasing year after year and the number of raw material producers and tatami craft workers are also decreasing.

On the other hand, Japanese tatami industry is exporting tatami oversea such as China leading to finding new opportunities and acquires new customers oversea.

“Tatami mats exported from Japan must be safe and trustable”
Tatami mats exported from Japan are receiving highly recognized values in China.

In the near future, there may be more people including tatami mats in their lifestyle around the world.