A new large Japanese ryokan, with a unique concept of tatami-mat decorated designs, opened in Tokyo metropolis.



Lately, there are increasing numbers of foreign tourists in Japan.
Many of them prefer staying in tatami-mat rooms as experiencing and feeling traditional style Japanese stay.

On July 20th, 2016, a new traditional-style Japanese inn “ryokan”
opened in the center of Tokyo.
In the center of Tokyo, there were only western-style high-rise hotels in the area before.
It will be a quite rare opportunity to stay in a purely traditional style Japanese inn ryokan in the center of Tokyo.

This ryokan is 17 stories above the ground and 2 underground stories building.

The exterior view of the ryokan is a skyscraper-sized hotel than the traditional style Japanese ryokan and it is uniquely created its concept as a Japanese ryokan reminiscent of a tower.
The interior view of the ryokan is a purely traditional Japanese style as removing shoes at the entrance.

The decor of the ryokan comprises tatami and the most of the floors are tatami covered floors as well as the guest rooms with tatami floorings of course.
You can really feel and experience a traditional style Japanese atmosphere in the ryokan.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, it is worth staying this ryokan.
It might be wonderful to decide where to stay for your next Japan trip by choosing a room with tatami floorings.