Let’s experience Tatami room if you’re going to Japan



Recently, there are more and more foreigners visiting Japan.
Especially, Chinese who is close to Japan.

Chinese people seems to be very interested in Japanese cosmetics, home appliances
and health goods and we can see Chinese people buying Japanese products in large amount
is department store, home appliance shop or drug store all over Japan.

Even Japanese people think that Chinese people are coming to Japan for shopping
but apparently, it’s been changing these days.
Enjoy the Japanese unique culture.
And this includes
“staying in Tatami room”.

Though Japanese culture have a lot of influence from China, Tatami is unique to Japan.
Chinese people want to
“sleep in Tatami room if we go to Japan”.

Recently, there are many foreigners in Hotels in Tokyo.
There are many new hotels with
“Tatami room”
so that foreigners can feel the
in their room.