Spreading to the world, Japanese Tatami exportation



Tatami is a flooring with which Japanese people have familiarized for more than 1000 years.
However, with the Europeanization of life style, there are less houses with Tatami these days.

As a result, there are less Igusa farmer cultivation material for Tatami.
Also the number of Tatami craftsmen and Tatami shops are reducing.

However, those who work in Tatami industry are working hard to reestablish the industry.
Since domestic market is diminishing, they aim to export Tatami to abroad.

Tatami is a unique Japanese culture.
Recently, Japanese restaurant opened all over the world and
exported from Japan is used in such restaurants to give Japanese atmosphere as interior decoration.

Also, there are Dojo for
who use exported Tatami.

Now Japanese Tatami is spreading to Europe and middle east.
Also, there are foreigners visiting Japan for travel or business who come into Tatami shop saying

“I want to bring Tatami back home”.

The allure of Tatami is spreading all over the world.