Nijojo “Second Palace” with 800 Tatami



“Nijojo” was built by the first Shogun, Ieyaku Tokugawa at the start of Edo period.
It watched the change of time in ancient capital, Kyoto.

Edo period continued for more than 260 years since Ieyaku started it.
The one who decided to give the power back to the Emperor was the 15th Shogun, Yoshinobu Tokugawa.
It was in 1867 that this news was announced in the great hall in
“Second Palace” of Nijojo.

There are 33 rooms in the second palace and it uses about 800 Tatami in whole.
The great hall is the most prestigious room and the first room is 48 Tatami, and the second room is 44 Tatami.

Second palace has both political room and living room.
Not only spacious Tatami room but also Fusuma art, decoration, roof and sculpture are worth seeing.
The garden with various flower and tree throughout the seasons heals us too.

If you get chance to visit Kyoto, please visit Nijojo to feel the atmosphere of the history.