Wish in Tatami Still living literature of Shiki Masaoka



Shiki Masaoka was one of the most successful literary person in Meiji period.
He familiarized with literature from young age and learned Japanese literature in Tokyo University.

He went to China as newspaper reporter during Japan-China war and vomited blood on the ship to way home.
He started his literature career from here.

The last 3 years of his life which lasted only 34 years, he was in bed all day.
Shiki, lying on his futon read a lot of Haiku and poem regarding Japanese room and Tatami which was his real world.

Tatami room, winter sunshine reaching to the back of the room, prune flower fell on Tatami, the finger tips holding it on ill bed.
Tatami in Shiki literature represents thousands of thoughts.

In Matsuyama, Ehime where Shiki was born, there is
“Shiki Memorial Museum”
in which you can see the reproduction of his house and study room called
and the Japanese room in which he lived with his life-time friend, Soseki Natsume

Shiki and his literature is still living.