Stage of Olympic and Tatami


Stage of Olympic and Tatami

2016 is the Olympic year.
It was held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
I think many of you have been enthusiastic for supporting your country’s athletes.

Among sports in Olympic, Judo uses Tatami in its competition field.
Judo was born from the martial arts of Japanese Samurai.
So practice room and competition filed use Tatami, Japanese traditional flooring.

These days, Tatami used in Judo is bit different from that of general housing.
Material, color, size etc. are strictly controlled.

In Japan, there are Tatami company who is putting emphasis on developing Judo Tatami.
They pursue the point such as cleanliness of low-germ and mildew-proof, crash-proof and safety.
They aim to realize the space where competitors can safely concentrate to their Waza.

The next summer Olympic is in Tokyo in 2020.
There is Japanese Tatami company who aims for their competition Tatami to be used in Tokyo Olympic.

Please remember of Japanese Tatami when you watch Judo game.