Japanese high-class Tatami is popular in Middle East


Japanese high-class Tatami is popular in Middle East

Tatami is a flooring used for a long time in Japanese traditional life style.

However, With Europeanization of Japanese people’s life style, domestic demand for Tatami is decreasing.

With such situation, there is a Tatami manufacturer who searches new opportunity in oversea exportation of Tatami.

Recently, Japanese Tatami has become popular in China, Europe and also in the Middle East.
As an example, Tatami shop in Tokyo sent a large amount of high-quality Tatami to Dubai in UAE.

It was for the interior decoration of Japanese restaurant designed by worldly famous architect, Zaha Hadid.

The decoration of this Japanese restaurant is very gorgeous.
It lays 70 Tatami in one floor which is like a large hall of Buddhist temple.
The exportation of Tatami is increasing these days.

Detailed finish only possible with Japanese material and Japanese craftsmen are highly appreciated in overseas.
There might be more occasion to get in touch with Japanese Tatami in foreign country.