Night in autumn, relax on Tatami space


Night in autumn, relax on Tatami space

Autumn is a comfortable season not too hot nor too cold.
Sunset becomes earlier than in Summer and with late dawn, the night becomes longer.
In Japan, there is a word
“Autumn’s long night”
representing that Autumn is the best season to relax and read, listen to favorite music, enjoy delicious food, coffee or alcohol after the sunset.
Do you like to have a Tatami space where you can relax during autumn’s long night?

Tatami is said to bring relaxation and foreigners who experienced Tatami in Japan often say they can’t forget the comfortableness of Tatami or want to have one in their own house.

Though it might be complicated to realize Tatami room in European housing,
which requires only laying several Tatami on your favorite place is easy to realize.

You can easily create Tatami space in your room with same easiness as rug and carpet.
Also recent “Oki-Datami” has many color variations that can fit European style room such as navy, gray, black and brown.
You can select Tatami with different colors and use them like patchwork too.

Once you have your Tatami space, just prepare an exotic lamp of bamboo…
If you turn the room light and leave only faint light, it’s like you are the Samurai relaxing in his house in old Japan.

With “Oki-Datami”, you can spend comfortable autumn night different from usual autumn night.