Coffee on Tatami “Old folk house Cafe” with Japanese atmosphere


Coffee on Tatami "Old folk house Cafe"  with Japanese atmosphere

Japanese housing used to be made of wood.
Architectural style vary by time, area or climate and there are detailed differences
such as to use strong pine for joist, and cedar that is soft to eye in interior etc.

If we keep maintenance, it can last up to 200 to 300 years to our surprise.
Fireplace, dirt floor and Japanese room.
Japanese traditional house with warmth and knowledge of our ancestors are reducing in its numbers.

However, it’s allure is also re-recognized and it’s now being used as
“old folk house”.

“Old folk house Cafe”
is one of them.

You enter the “entrance” with zest of history and go to large Japanese room.
Soft light comes in from the window and its calm atmosphere is popular
not only among Japanese but also with foreigners visiting Japan.

There are many cafe with Tatami on which you ca throw your feet to relax.
Old folk house Cafe is spreading all over Japan.

Luxurious time to enjoy coffee on Tatami while feeling Japan.
Would you like to try it?