“Tatami Seat” in Japanese Soccer Stadium


"Tatami Seat"  in Japanese Soccer Stadium

Japanese people have used Tatami in all aspects of their lives for a long time.
Recently, there are less Tatami in general housings but still, there are certain number of Japanese people who want to have Tatami space since it’s relaxing.

In Japanese Soccer Stadium, unique
“Tatami Seat”
where you can watch soccer game while sitting on Tatami, came up.

It’s a special seat which professional soccer team based in Mito-shi Ibaraki
“Mito holy hock”
prepared for their fan.

In Stadium in Mito, you can watch soccer game on Tatami for up to 2 persons on one Tatami.
You can even take the Tatami with you after the game.

The price of this
“Tatami Seat”
is 6,000 JPY and it was sold in 2015 and since it was popular, it continued on 2016.

Tatami is made with Igusa of Kumamoto where there was a big earthquake in 2016.
It’s goal is not just to enjoy soccer game on Tatami but also to support affected area and make local contribution.