Foreigners love it Allure of bare feet and Tatami


Foreigners love it Allure of bare feet and Tatami

There are more and more foreigners living in Japan for work or study.
Living in another culture might cause some discomfort but it also brings new discovery.

The allure of Japan that foreigners living in Japan find.
“Bare foot” and “Tatami”
can be in top of them.

In Japan, we generally take off our shoes in the entrance to get inside the house.
There are people who takes off even their socks since they want to get relaxed in their relaxing space.

Though there are many houses in European style with wood flooring, soft texture of Tatami on bare foot is unique.

There are many foreigners who choose house with Tatami room since they love it.
There might be some episode like at first, I got on Tatami with my shoes on or like I forgot to take off shoes and I found out there was a hall on my socks etc.

I hope many people over the world would come to know the comfortableness of Tatami.