Tatami suits perfectly to life with children


Tatami suits perfectly to life with children

Japanese people have long lived with Tatami.
Meal time, welcoming guests, studying, family time, relaxing time or sleeping time…. however, with Europeanization of the life style, there are less houses with Tatami room recently.

So for some children in these days, it might be the case for them that there is no Tatami in their house from their birth at all.
In order to hand Japanese traditional life style to new generation, a Tatami manufacturer who proposes
“life with Tatami”
started a project to deliver Tatami products to kindergarten.

This project aims deliver Oki-datami and other Tatami products to kindergarten.
Also, they inform parents the advantage of Tatami through PTA newspapers.

Feedbacks from teachers and parents will be brought into the development of new Tatami products.

Tatami absorbs humidity 2.5 times more than cotton.
It has high aeration and deodorant property which will reduce smell of sweat.

It is also said to absorb and decompose formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide.
So Tatami product is perfect for kindergarten where children play and sleep.

Tatami products, gentle to children.
If you have small children or baby, why don’t you have some Tatami products in your house?