Club with live music on Tatami flooring


Club with live music on Tatami flooring

Japanese people have lived with Tatami for more than 1000 years.
They spent all of their daily lives on Tatami…such as meal, relax, study, welcome, rest.

Recently, you can enjoy Tatami space in some surprising place.
It’s a club with live music.

In club, we usually enjoy live music while standing with table and chairs on the floor but in Japan, there is a club with live music with Tatami flooring.

It’s in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
In one corner of the floor, there is a Tatami corner where you can sit on Zabuton and enjoy music while relaxing around low table.
You can enjoy Japanese atmosphere like Japanese Ryokan or old Japanese house.

There are Tatami floored Izakaya too so maybe it’s close to that.
Also, this club rents this space for party like wedding, reunion, end of the year/new year party.

If you come to Tokyo, please visit this club where you can enjoy Japanese atmosphere.