“Onsen” Enjoy the zest and relax on Tatami


"Onsen"  Enjoy the zest and relax on Tatami

Kimono and Yukata, Sashimi and Susi. Japanese house is represented by Tatami, Shoji and Engawa.

Many people are visiting Japan from oversea to enjoy
“unique to Japan” tradition or culture.

“Onsen” is one of the most popular among them.
It’s so popular that English word
“ONSEN” is now being used.

The allure of Japanese Onsen is no only
“taking bath”.
Beautiful nature or atmosphere of Onsen town with zest where you walk in Yukata.

Various factors around Onsen attracts people and relaxes there body and soul.
And of course, Japanese room fits Onsen.
Lying on Tatami after taking bath in Onsen is such a luxury that you have to experience once.

Beautiful, delicate Japanese food you eat on Tatami.
Please try using chopsticks!

Take a bath in spacious tub, relax in Japanese room and enjoy Japanese food.
How about such
“Japanese Time”?